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Office Space for Lease

Building 703 contains modern offices for lease, most of which are 16 ft x 16 ft (256 SF each).  Most of the interior walls are portable so they can easily be removed  to provide larger spaces. They can be combined to yield much larger spaces.  Your needs are key.

flrplnIt is an all masonry building with brick facade on post and beam construction.  There are no load bearing walls..  There are three floors with 25,000 SF per floor.  This building, built in 1941, had new electric installed in 1988.  High speed internet access with multiple levels of service is available for all tenants. Two conference rooms are available to tenants at no additional cost.  The building has been approved for occupancy by educational institutions.

The building is handicapped accessible and served by a modern elevator. The well maintained, modern HVAC system is composed of 7 rooftop units with multiple zones controlled by each of the units.  All controls are computer operated to provide maximum comfort for each tenant.

Normal building operating hours are 7 AM to 5 PM,  Entry to the building is controlled via electronic keypad, allowing each tenant 24×7 access.

Call 812.256.9360 for more information or to schedule a tour of the building.