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Buildings For Lease

There are 6 buildings for lease at the Charlestown Business Center.  These buildings are available in their entirety; no partial spaces are available.

The following buildings are ready for immediate use:

703-1C   8,690 SF (2 Story w/Partial Basement)

702        3,110 SF (2 Story)

716-3    1,500 SF (Garage)

The following buildings require repairs and renovations before being put into service:

708       12,733 SF (Cafeteria 1 Story w/Partial Basement)

719       12,563 SF (1 Story w/Partial Basement)

720      9,623 SF (2 Story w/Partial Basement)


Jesse Ballew Enterprises has many commercial-retail properties in Southern Indiana and northern Kentucky. A full listing of properties for lease or for sale can be found at JBallew.com. The links shown here will provide more information on these properties, including current tenants and vacant properties for lease and for sale.

In Clarksville, Indiana

Clarksville Station

Falls Plaza

1427 Cedar Street

1415 Progress Way

In Charlestown, Indiana

Charlestown Plaza

Charlestown Business Center

In New Albany, Indiana

Grant Line Center