Falls Plaza

FP Sign

Falls Plaza offers commercial – retail space at 1455 Cedar Street in Clarksville, IN.


This building contains seven business locations, five of which open to Cedar Street and two of which open to Madison Street.  This building is located between I-65 and the Bass Pro Shop complex, formerly River Falls Mall.  Find Us! here. There is a stop light at the intersection of Cedar Street and Lewis and Clark Parkway, providing easy access to (or exit from)  Cedar Street.  Conveniently sized and affordable spaces range from 810 SF to 3,210 SF.

FP Front 2As you can see from the floor plan (below), Suites A (1,590 SF), C (2,370 SF) and G (830 SF) are available now.  Call 502.640.3785 for more information.


Falls Plaza Floor Plan

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